I've have been so up and down
and all over the place
can't bear today to put a smile on my face
two days ago nothing could have wiped it away
and I'm losing my sense of direction
losing my sense of self
I'm wondering when this will end
hoping that it's sometime soon
cause I've dealt with all before
for four damn years I stuck it out
I don't know how I managed then
but I know I can't do it again
it's all wearing me down
my lack of grace and ability
all I really want is someone
who'll both be my friend and love me
so why won't you take my hand
hold me just for a little while
what is so wrong with me
that you won't even give me a call
and it all feeds my insecurity
and gives fodder to my insomnia
falling asleep has become a chore
that gets put off as long as possible
with all these thoughts in my head
that won't ever just shut up