I'm glad I'm going home next week. I need a break from the city. Normally the 2 o'clock show amuses me, but tonight the drunk people were just aggravating. There were these two drivers who were being completely dumb. One car hit the one in front of it, so the driver of the first car got out and yelled at the driver of the second. Then he kicked the car and went back to his. So the second car hit the first one again, which prompted that one to back into the second. So the second hit the first one yet again and then they both went speeding off. I was just amazed by the utter stupidity of ramming other cars as a way of revenge. Yes, you do get to hit the other car, but you're also causing damage to your car at the same time, loser. Then there were lots of the falling down drunk people wandering around too. I need to get away from the stupidity for a bit.