Today was my last day working at starbucks ever. Even if I ever wanted to work there again, which I wouldn't, I can't because I gave them two days notice instead of two weeks. They weren't too pleased with that, but I couldn't care less. Now I get to be a webmaster for a bunch of sites. I'm the only designer at this place, so I get free reign. That's pretty much the only thing that's looking up in my life. I'm going to have no free time at all with this new job, which isn't going to help my social life any. I have a feeling that I'm going to be single for awhile. The other night I met a really cool girl, but later found out that she's with another girl who I was sort of interested in. It figures. That's just the way my life tends to work. Me and girls just don't seem to mesh well. Weird things always end up happening. Last weekend I lost a girl. She was supposed to follow me to a diner and I turned around and she wasn't behind me anymore and I didn't see her again. I emailed her about it later and apologized, but it doesn't do me any good because there's no way I'll be seeing her again anytime soon because she lives 2.5 hours away. Oh well, maybe it's good for me to be single.