Well then, seeing as I haven't really written anything in awhile, I guess I'll give a run down of where things stand in my life. I have a job in Starbucks hell. They make me go to 3 hour classes in order to learn how to be a good little Starbucks whore. I do not like my job. With any luck though I will be getting some freelance web work soon which could lead to a real job. That is my job situation. I'm finally having to do work for my classes. All my previous slacking is catching up with me and now I have a lot to do, which is bad because I'm not going to be around. That is my school situation. This weekend I am going to see two Ani Difranco shows, one in Boston and one in Amherst. It will be good. That is my social life. Last week the girl I really liked broke up with me. I'm not sure why she did. But there's nothing I can do about it so I've dealt with it and I'm not angry about it anymore. We didn't go out for too long, so that made it easier. So currently I have no interests so I'm just enjoying my singleness. I haven't really been single in a while. Since July in fact. Since then I've dated 4 girls. I'm not terribly proud of that, but it just happened that way. That is my dating life. Nothing all that exciting to mention, but I'm currently busy/tired/sick, so I'm not a terribly exciting person right now.