I have a single dried rose
from the bunch you gave to me
before you left
I know that it wasn't for good
but every time I have to watch you go
I can't help but wonder if it will be
if you'll realize that it's all wrong
and this isn't what you hoped for
but I saved the rose
as a rememberance of what is right
I remember why you gave them to me
because I was having a bad day

only a short time after hanging up the phone
and you were pulling into my driveway
and running to my front door,
bouquet of roses in your hand
then, just as quickly,
you dashed off again
having to return home
so you would not be missed
it's the little things like that
that stick out most in my mind
it's what I think about
when I don't have you nearby
and I'm laying in bed cold and alone
wishing for you to be there
r o s e s