I'm giving you want you want
and you as well
how I've ended up
between the two of you
I'm not quite sure
a lack of direction
on my part
but you are here
so you get me right now
and you are happy
though I'm not really
and you, further away
do not know
of what I do now
and it shall remain that way
for as long as it can
l o s t digging deeper and deeper
that's what I'm doing
I never lied to you before this
before you broke me
and everthing I had held sacred
and true
I don't know where to turn now
for the stability I crave
I'd like it to be toward you
but I can't trust you that much
just yet
not after what you did to me
ripping me apart
and tearing me down
like I knew you could do
but hoped you never would