June 24, 2000


I just realized that I haven't updated this in nearly a month. I haven't had anything to write about. There was absolutely nothing going on. I've spent the summer so far mainly just working every now and again and going out at night. The most exciting thing was going to Buffalo to see Ani Difranco, but that wasn't the type of thing that I would decide to write about in here. However, now there's this really sweet girl in my life, so maybe I'll feel more inspired to write now. I hope so, at least. I have felt so horribly uncreative lately. I tried writing a few days ago and that was a bunch of crap. I tried redesigning one of my sites too and that turned out awfully. Maybe this girl will serve as my muse for awhile. I find that I tend to think differently when I'm with someone. I think it is because I am pulled out of my typically rational mindset into a more emotional one. Hence, I become more creative because I leave logic behind.


this is all so much simpler
when I'm alone
adding someone into this equation
throws me into unbalance
I swing wildly back and forth
gyrating between extremes
there is no more middle ground
for it only exists when I am alone



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